$200 Bonus Cash Loan Special

Get help with your expenses when you finance a new or used auto, or move your loan to Northeast Community Credit Union! You will receive $200 BONUS Cash on the spot.

Getting a loan with NCCU is so easy – apply in person, by phone, or online. If you are moving a loan here, WE will handle paying off wherever you had the loan before.

You can choose the payment schedule that works best for your – weekly, monthly, biweekly, etc. Plus making payments on your loan is super easy too! Set up direct deposit to have your payment taken care of automatically or transfer your payment in our award-winning mobile app or in our convenient homebanking.

We have loan staff present and available to discuss your loan at all NCCU locations. We will never sell our loan and our loan staff is available to answer questions when you have them.

Our already low auto loan rates apply to this promotion – starting at 3.79% APR. Offer expires 1/31/23. Qualifications apply.