Get help with Christmas expenses when you finance a new or used auto, or move your loan to Northeast Community Credit Union! You will receive $200 Christmas Cash on the spot.

Getting a loan with NCCU is so easy – apply in person, by phone, or online. If you are moving a loan here, WE will handle paying off wherever you had the loan before.

You can choose the payment schedule that works best for your – weekly, monthly, biweekly, etc. Plus making payments on your loan is super easy too! Set up direct deposit to have your payment taken care of automatically or transfer your payment in our award-winning mobile app or in our convenient homebanking.

We have loan staff present and available to discuss your loan at all NCCU locations. We will never sell our loan and our loan staff is available to answer questions when you have them.

Our already low auto loan rates apply to this promotion – starting at 3.79% APR. Offer expires 12/23/22. Qualifications apply.

During November, Northeast Community Credit Union will be hosting a food drive for Loaves and Fishes Ministries.

Loaves and Fishes provides thousands of hot meals to those in need every week.

Canned and nonperishable food items will be collected at our Main Office in Elizabethton, 980 Jason Witten Way.

We are thankful for the privilege of serving the community for 70 years. To thank our members, we are offering these great anniversary specials:

  • $1000 personal loans at 7% APR for up to 17 months*

  • Incentives for referring new members

  • CD special for existing members only (membership dates before 10/1/2022) $500 minimum & $2000 maximum per SSN – 7% APY with 7 month term!

Join us for light refreshments at all our locations on October 26 from 11 am until 4 pm.

No entry is necessary to win prizes – account numbers are randomly generated electronically from among the membership & winners be notified Friday via text, email, or phone.

*Few Qualifications Apply

Jack or Jill of All Trades Needed!

Do you have spare time and general maintenance talent? We are looking for someone (as an independent contractor, not as an employee of NCCU) to do odd jobs and repairs occasionally and as needed. Requires the ability to lift up to 50 lbs and to perform physical labor. Examples may be changing filters and bulbs, replacing shingles and shutters, light plumbing repairs, general building maintenance, and moving or hauling; a fuller scope of duties is available upon request. Pay range is typically $15 to $20 per hour depending on experience and/or ability.

Please call Mr. Seth Miller at our main office on Jason Witten Way in Elizabethton at (423) 547-1245 for more information or to schedule an interview. Work would be performed at all of our office locations – Elizabethton, Johnson City, and Roan Mountain. Being able to respond to our repair calls and routine maintenance needs in a timely manner is crucial for this job. Equal Opportunity Employer.

Visit our Resources -> Forms page to download our employment application, or click here

Jobs That Make a Difference

Northeast Community Credit Union fosters an employment culture where you can have a positive impact. If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment and gain satisfaction from making a real difference in the lives of others, a career at NCCU may be exactly what you’re searching for.  We’re currently hiring loan servicing employees and frontline member service staff.

We’re dedicated to maintaining a workplace where employees feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their contributions.  Our primary mission is to provide an awesome financial service experience to each of our members and we welcome those who will fully commit to helping us accomplish this compassionately and competently.  We offer excellent pay and a family-friendly benefits package including:

  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Plan
  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Support for Community Involvement

Salary will depend on experience, education, and work ethic. We have four locations in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  You can apply in one of three ways (no phone calls):

  • Email your resume to
  • Fill out an application or drop off resume at our main office at 980 Jason Witten Way in Elizabethton, TN
  • Mail your resume to our main office – NCCU HR Dept, 980 Jason Witten Way, Elizabethton, TN 37643.

Please include salary information and any specific job preferences in your information. Learn more about us and print blank applications from our website at



All lobbies and drive-thru windows are OPEN to serve you today.  Too busy for a visit?

Call us at any of our 4 locations today for personal service – our staff is glad to provide balance and activity info, do transactions for you, pay your bills – whatever it takes to give you the prompt service you require. Our mobile app is currently being affected by record breaking winter storms that have impacted a large portion of the country. This is affecting all forms of communication as a variety of national data hubs are without power. Backup equipment and disaster recovery plans have been implemented and every effort possible is being made to restore online account access.

In the meantime, our onsite credit union staff has full access to your account information and we are waiting to answer your calls at ALL our 4 locations: 547-1200 Main Office, 772-3115 Roan Mountain Branch, 543-7777 19E Branch, and 722-6228 Johnson City Branch.  Please call to let us help you!

Sponsored by Boyd Sports Management


At Northeast Community Credit Union Ballpark – Elizabethton

Date Game 1 – 5:00 pm Game 2 – 7:30 pm
8-Jun Patriots vs Express Redwings vs Braves
9-Jun The Boro vs Vikings Deamons vs Raiders
10-Jun Trive vs Bulldogs Home of Daniel Norris vs Volunteers
15-Jun Braves vs Raiders Patriots vs Wahoos
16-Jun Home of Daniel Norris vs Cyclones Express vs Vikings
17-Jun Falcons vs Pirates The Boro vs Pirates
18-Jun Falcons vs Home of Daniel Norris Vikings vs Wahoos
22-Jun Bulldogs vs Redwings Braves vs Volunteers
23-Jun Deamons vs Cyclones The Boro vs Team Whited
24-Jun Raiders vs Bulldogs Deamons vs Falcons
25-Jun Express vs Team Whited Redwings vs Falcons
29-Jun Volunteers vs Patriots Pirates vs Vikings
30-Jun Volunteers vs Bulldogs Home of Daniel Norris vs Wahoos
1-Jul Falcons vs Braves Pirates vs Team Whited
2-Jul Redwings vs The Boro Volunteers vs Cyclones
6-Jul Vikings vs Deamons Wahoos vs Deamons
7-Jul Raiders vs The Boro Bulldogs vs Cyclones
8-Jul Patriots vs Team Whited Express vs Redwings
9-Jul Wahoos vs Braves Patriots vs Home of Daniel Norris
13-Jul Pirates vs Deamons Cyclones vs Patriots
14-Jul Bulldogs vs Falcons Express vs Raiders
15-Jul Wahoos vs Volunteers Home of Daniel Norris vs Deamons
16-Jul Vikings vs Raiders Cyclones vs The Boro
20-Jul Volunteers vs Express Pirates vs Braves
School (ALL Area Schools Were Invited) League Name
Science Hill Home of Daniel Norris
Elizabethton Cyclones
Dobyns-Bennett Team Whited
David Crockett The Boro
Cherokee Wahoos
Volunteer Volunteers
Tennessee Vikings
Sullivan East Patriots
Hampton Bulldogs
Univeristy (1) Pirates
University (2) Braves
Providence Redwings
Sullivan North Raiders
Greeneville Deamons
Abingdon Falcons
John S. Battle Express


     At TVA Credit Union Ballpark – Johnson City
Date Game 1 – 5:00 pm Game 2 – 7:30 pm
8-Jun The Boro vs. Wahoos Express vs. Wahoos
9-Jun Braves vs Patriots Cyclones vs Pirates
10-Jun Redwings vs Raiders Falcons vs. Vikings
15-Jun Cyclones vs Team Whited Deamons vs. Bulldogs
16-Jun Redwings vs Volunteers Falcons vs. Team Whited
17-Jun Deamons vs Volunteers Home of Daniel Norris vs Bulldogs
18-Jun Wahoos vs Pirates Raiders vs Volunteers
22-Jun Express vs Pirates Raiders vs Patriots
23-Jun Patriots vs Vikings Braves vs Bulldogs
24-Jun Team Whited vs Wahoos Redwings vs Cyclones
25-Jun The Boro vs Home of Daniel Norris The Boro vs Deamons
29-Jun Cyclones vs Braves Home of Daniel Norris vs Express
30-Jun Raiders vs Cyclones Team Whited vs Vikings
1-Jul Vikings vs Home of Daniel Norris Bulldogs vs Patriots
2-Jul Deamons vs Express Patriots vs Pirates
6-Jul Wahoos vs Redwings Braves vs Express
7-Jul Pirates vs Home of Daniel Norris Volunteers vs Falcons
8-Jul Raiders vs Falcons Braves vs The Boro
9-Jul Cyclones vs Falcons Volunteers vs The Boro
13-Jul Bulldogs vs The Boro Team Whited vs Deamons
14-Jul Team Whited vs Home of Daniel Norris Vikings vs Redwings
15-Jul Vikings vs Braves Wahoos vs. Raiders
16-Jul Bulldogs vs Express Pirates vs Redwings
20-Jul Team Whited vs Redwings Falcons vs Patriots
21-Jul 3 vs. 6 4 vs 5
22-Jul 1 vs GM 1 Winner 2 vs GM 2 Winner
23-Jul Finals Game 1 Finals Game 2
27-Jul Finals Game 3 if Nec No Game
29-Jul WORLD SERIES – KODAK/Johnson City WORLD SERIES – KODAK/Johnson City
30-Jul WORLD SERIES – KODAK/Johnson City WORLD SERIES – KODAK/Johnson City
31-Jul WORLD SERIES – KODAK/Johnson City WORLD SERIES – KODAK/Johnson City