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NCCU sponsors AdaptoPlay

Northeast Community Credit Union donated $500 to AdaptoPlay to provide accessible and check presentationinclusive play and toys for all children.

AdaptoPlay serves children with disabilities and their families. They are a non-profit, all volunteer program that strives to create an inclusive and independent play environment. AdaptoPlay takes traditional toys, such as ride-on vehicles, and modifies them to meet the individual child’s needs.

“Our vision is a future where play is without boundaries and inclusive for all,” Allie Bourassa said. “We believe that play matters and that every child deserves to play. Our goal is to provide play activities through adapted toys, mobility devices and recreational and sporting activities.”

AdaptoPlay serves children with disabilities from spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, cerebral palsy, amputations, muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular disease, deafness/hearing impairments, blindness/vision impairment and others.

For more information, call 423-930-9114 or visit