For our members impacted by a COVID-19 quarantine that results in reduced income, there are many ways we can help you.  Let our Member Solutions staff get to work right away on a plan for you. For us to help, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you reach out to us BEFORE you miss even one loan payment. This is because there are certain payment options that are temporarily authorized, and one qualification is that your payment must not already be behind when we start working on a revised payment plan.

For this reason, we are encouraging all our members to let us know as soon as possible any month you think your loan payment is going to be late.  For your own benefit and to increase the likelihood that we can help, please do NOT wait until your loan is delinquent to contact us.  As noted above, we have more options NOW to help you prepare and get through this – don’t wait until you get behind.

So, if you even think you may need a hand with your loans now or later, call us today and tell us you need to speak with someone regarding your loan payments.  We know your GOAL is to meet your everyday needs, and to protect your credit score so that you will still be able to borrow money from us after the crisis – we know exactly how to help you do that. We want to help you protect your car, home, family, and future – allowing us to work with you now is definitely a step in the right direction.  Call today!