Amanda Colbaugh latest Helping Teachers Teach winner

Amanda Colbaugh, fifth grade teacher at Valley Forge Elementary, is the latest Northeast Community Credit Union Helping Teacher’s Teach grant winner.

Colbaugh plans use to the Helping Teacher’s Teach grant to purchase new textbooks for fifth-grade reading and social studies students. The Gallopade Curriculum textbooks combine textbook content with workbook activities.

“Students master grade-appropriate content and skills as outlined in the standards, while building literacy, critical thinking skills and more,” Colbaugh said. “Students build knowledge, deepen understanding, and develop strong comprehension and analytical skills. This approach also increases students’ ability to recall and apply what they learn throughout the school year.”

Northeast Community Credit Union awards $300 every month to a classroom to be utilized for classroom needs, classroom activities, and academic enrichment. Helping Teachers Teach is open to teachers within Carter, Johnson, Unicoi, Sullivan and Washington counties who are members of Northeast Community Credit Union. Area teachers may become members online or at any NCCU location and can download the grant application on the credit union’s website: www.BeMyCU.org.