Job Hunting? Look Out for Phony Job Postings

Scammers are using the names of well-known employers to post job openings that don’t exist. The purpose is to trick consumers into sending them personal information or money upfront to get the job.

The phony postings are hard to pass up. They offer great pay, telework options, and money to set up a home office. Here’s an example of how the scam works:

First, they will get a person’s information and send them a check for, say, $4,000. Once the check “clears”, they tell the person to keep $1,000 as a salary advance and send back $3,000 — supposedly to get a computer and office equipment. But the job and the equipment never appear. And sadly, when the person realizes the check is fake, they are out of the job and now $3,000 in debt.

Report job scams to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov

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