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NCCU sponsors new Kids Like Us program

Northeast Community Credit Union is helping to sponsor the Kids Like Us Community Learning Check Presentation PhotoCenter’s Magic Movement Program.

KLS Director Lisa Lyons explained the Center is partnering with local businesses and individuals to provide a fitness and nutrition program for students at Kids Like Us. Kids Like Us is a community center that provides educational and social opportunities for individuals of varying abilities in Northeast Tennessee.

“Fitness and healthy living are something our clients struggle with,” Lyons said. “Some of them are overweight. It is hard for them to go to the gym because of sensory issues.”

Lyons is working to bring the gym to them. She has partnered with local personal trainers, physical therapists, gyms and nutritionists to create a healthy living program for Kids Like Us clients.

The professionals will come to the KLU center, help develop an on-site gym and a program for the clients to follow. They will also address nutrition and healthier eating choices. On days the volunteers can’t come to center, students will use a large-screen TV to take part in interactive training programs and activities.

NCCU also sponsors the Kids Like Us Teen Apartment which helps teens at KLU learn socialization and occupational skills as well as learn independent living skills.